I never really fit in, so I stopped trying...

I wasted many years believing that if I could only change that, or add this that I'd feel like I belonged. But, after so many failed attempts, I decided that I was okay just being me. 

You know, it didn't happen over night. But eventually, I grew to love everything about me. I love that my eyes turn up at the corners when I smile. I have to take a lot of pictures to finally get some good ones, but I love it!

I love that I like being a blonde. Yep, not going back (unless I change my mind).

On that note, I love that I have freedom to change my mind and to learn and grow. I'm an intellectual who has both a southern drawl and eloquent speech. I like I love the way I always believe in good. I believe that things can change and I love that about me. 

I love Myself!  It took sometime to get here but, anywhoo...!



Now it's your turn!

You don't have to stay stuck in the rut you're in. There is a way out. God has put in you the keys that unlock every door. You have purpose and when you find, follow and flow in your purpose, you'll discover that you're living the life you've always wanted. It's not too hard. It only takes a decision and BOLD action. 

 Ready to take the next step?