Speaker. Panelist. Facilitator. MC.

I'm an entrepreneur, an Author, and Coach. I do a lot of speaking on Purposed Life, Women's Equality and Leadership. I am high-energy, funny and above all practical. I believe that every person, regardless of race of gender,have the right to pursue their purpose and stand in their own light. ~ Alnita Johnson

Alnita inspires and engages her audience which provokes them to take the BIG leap of faith and implement the strategies she shares. The testimonies that she receives from those who after being motivated by Alnita, have gone on to start very successful , sustainable businesses and write books. Alnita hosts a monthly meet-up called I Rock With Powerful Women, an annual women's conference, Phenomenal Women Phenomenal Life Women's Conference Honors, 2 and 3 night Retreats and so much more. Whether it's one-on-one, small groups, or her LIVE events, Alnita delivers. In addition, Alnita has an online Bible Study for women and is an accomplished singer.  Let's just say she's very comfortable in front of an audience.